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Live2D and OpenL2D: Moving Forward

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With the release of the MOC3ingbird proof of concept, I started the OpenL2D project with the goal of creating a compatible FOSS implementation of Live2D’s SDK. This included the release of the unofficial MOC3 specification and the partially finished CMO3 specification. Even though Live2D has fixed the vulnerability in Cubism Core with an apparently robust csmHasMocConsistency function, I intend to continue development of the OpenL2D software.

Live2D’s Response

To my surprise, Live2D made an expedient and appropriate response to the vulnerability report. While that may have been three days after the release of my original blog post, I released that post on a Friday (Saturday in Japan), which was poor timing on my part. They have released new versions of their Cubism software that now verify the integrity of the MOC3 files they load.

Project Purism

In spite of Live2D’s good response, the OpenL2D Project will continue, specifically Project Purism, a project to develop replacements for Cubism Core and other aspects of the Live2D SDK. Allowing wide access to information on Live2D’s file formats and providing an open-source implementation of their libraries will increase market diversity and competition, even for a niche market like “anime-style 2D puppet animation.”

You can check out Project Purism on GitHub.

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